Illinois Clean Fuels (ICF) is a synthetic fuel plant, under development, that will convert Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) into sustainable aviation fuel, in combination with carbon capture and storage.

We will primarily produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) which are drop-in, low carbon replacements for conventional fuel, at a competitive cost. Scalability is key in our industry. FT synthetic fuels have been commercially produced and used worldwide for decades. Since 1970, this number amounts to over 1.5 million barrels.

We do this by processing MSW, which has the added benefit of increasing recovered or recycled materials, and significantly reducing volumes landfilled or incinerated.

Finally, we collect and store carbon, permanently. Our project will sequester carbon, both from the MSW we process, as well as that produced by other industries.

In a nut-shell, we are utilizing existing and commercialized technologies to enable energy decarbonization, eliminate much of the toxic emissions resulting from landfilling and incinerating MSW, and advancing the global goal of building a circular economy.

We maximize carbon emissions avoided by utilizing waste, carbon emissions reduced by substituting conventional jet fuels with the SAF we produce, and carbon permanently removed by pairing large amounts of biomass in our feedstock with carbon capture and storage in our process.