Our fuel has a dramatically lower environmental footprint compared to conventional petroleum-derived jet fuel. We will help make it possible to achieve commercial aviation with a zero life-cycle carbon footprint. Our environmental impacts will include:

  1. Carbon Removal, as we integrate carbon capture and storage (”CCS”) in our fuel production process, removes and permanently stores all carbon. The project will reduce carbon emissions by over 9.7 million metric tons per year. The climate impact of this is similar to removing 2.12 million cars from the road.
  2. Negative Emissions, as we are the first large scale commercial project capable of low- cost production of fuel with a far-below-zero carbon intensity than conventional fuel. When blended with conventional fuels, our customers will be able to achieve their “net-zero carbon emissions” goals.
  3. Landfill & Incineration Impacts Elimination, as we will directly divert over 10 million tons of nonrecyclable waste per year towards our process.