We believe our project is timely

Global demand for SAF is growing as airlines seek to buy more sustainable fuels to meet “carbon neutral” or “net-zero carbon emissions” targets.

This is in contrast to the global supply of SAF, which is constrained to only ~700,000 BPD, produced from only ten plants, none of which are American.

We will partner strategically with our stakeholders to ensure our mutual success.

  1. The waste industry, to purchase and re-use the energy in waste, that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated, and eliminate the resulting toxic emissions
  2. Material recycling facility developers and operators that will treat the MSW for our use
  3. The aviation and shipping industries, to produce the price competitive and low carbon intensity fuels they need to able to meet their emission targets and reduce the climate impact of travel and transportation
  4. All industries looking reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint through sequestration
  5. Cities and the financial communities, looking to avert the climate change and shape a greener world