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Everybody makes garbage. ICF is dedicated to protecting air, water, land, and climate by deploying the world’s most advanced recycling technologies to manage that garbage more responsibly. We are dedicated to serving, protecting, and enhancing the communities we work in. Our plants will support improvements in environmental justice while recovering recyclable materials and energy and building the circular economy.

ICF’s network of MRFs present a new option for management of MSW that delivers significant environmental benefits:

  • Reduces disposal capacity stress by eliminating the need for landfills or incineration
  • Eliminates the climate impacts from landfilling MSW without relying on carbon offsets
  • Eliminates the production of toxic fly ash, a biproduct of incineration
  • Recovers more recyclable raw materials in MSW than traditional sorting methods
  • Recycles the energy in MSW, boosting the recovery of valuable fractions
  • Drying and recovery of recyclables lowers the volume of waste tonnage requiring long-distance transport by over 50%

ICF’s gasification process that converts MSW to SAF and includes carbon capture and sequestration also has meaningful positive impacts on the environment:

  • Captures and permanently stores CO2, much of which would otherwise end up in the atmosphere
  • Creates a circular carbon economy by recycling the carbon in waste
  • Recycles all residual solids which are molten into non-leachable, glass-like slag
  • Reduces the climate impact of impurities in jet-engine exhaust that bind to water molecules and create contrails


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